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Welcome to my website!
Laura Irbinger, certified Pilates Teacher Mat since 2006 & Studio since 2012. Austrian Pilates Association Member & Trainer Pilates & Pilates Method Alliance Teacher (USA)

Group Fitness: Pilates  Matwork  &  Barre Fitness Training
Personal Training : Pilates Studio Apparatus  (Reformer, Chair, Spine & Foot Corrector, Trapeze Table)

Change, be it in the body or in everyday life, happens through movement…. and movement heals.
Josef.H Pilates, Inventor of the Pilates Method 1883-1967

I teach the Pilates Method, invented by Joseph H. Pilates and other fitness modalities with great passion and involvment und pass my knowledge as a Pilates and fitness Trainer for over 10 years

The Pilates method is a holistic physical and mental training that offers me a lot of strength, endurance and happiness!

Joseph Pilates was a pioneer in fitness and way ahead of his time (1883-1967)
My goal is to create an effective and functional workout for you to promote your physical as well as mental health & well-being!
The exercises are adapted to each individual, effectively structured and thus become different body types, fitness levels and pathological processes in the body are taken into account and .

With detailed and precise instructions as well as tactile feedback, you get effective training that is tailored to YOU and I am happy to support you! You not only train in the studio or on the mat, you also learn to move your body effectively in everyday life.

Be it sitting in the office, standing at the bus stop or lifting loads, you will learn how to effectively move your body to prevent injuries and keep fit! I offer you training with heart, competently and personally: with my training, every woman & every man feels comfortable in every body!

The Pilates Method helps correct a round neck & back that occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle. Supports muscle building that helps build more strength as you age. Builds resilience that helps have more energy and stamina to better deal with stress. Pilates is also indispensable for sports-oriented activities.

I have been a member of the Pilates Association Austria and the Pilates Method Alliance (USA) since 2012, and I attend annual continuing education training courses. I teach in German, English, French and Spanish.

Would you like to do something to feel fit, supple, relaxed and strong at the same time?
Do you want to get rid of your pain and tension?
Would you like to do something for your well-being?
Then you are exactly right here with me!

"After 10 hours you will feel it. After 20 hours you will see it and after 30 hours you will have a new body". Joseph H. Pilates 1883-1967